Designing Economic Cultures is a research project that sets out to investigate the relationship between socio-economic precarity and the production of socially and politically engaged design projects.

The fundamental question the project poses is:
how can designers, who through their work want to question and challenge the prevalent economic system, gain a satisfying degree of social and economic security without having to submit themselves to the commercial pressures of the market?  Read more ›

Construction site for non-affirmative practice

Constructive Dismantling

My Castle Is Your Castle

After thought – bags

Having still left a part of our production budget of the residency, we decided to produce cotton bags to support the four groups of activists we worked with during our residency in Warsaw: the Warsaw Food Cooperative, WSPÓL.DZIELNIA, Emma Hostel and the Common University in Teremiski.

So in 2012, together with illustrator Caterina Giuliani we produced 200 cotton bags for each group. This was a way to “liberate” the budget and to deviate it in support for groups whose patient work for social change we appreciate.