Designing Economic Cultures is a research project that sets out to investigate the relationship between socio-economic precarity and the production of socially and politically engaged design projects.

The fundamental question the project poses is:
how can designers, who through their work want to question and challenge the prevalent economic system, gain a satisfying degree of social and economic security without having to submit themselves to the commercial pressures of the market?  Read more ›

Construction site for non-affirmative practice

Constructive Dismantling

My Castle Is Your Castle


Cantieroteca is the (growing) archive of the Construction site for non-affirmative practice. It wants to be a point of reference and connection for a collective practice-led research on alternative values within design in order to reconsider designerly approaches to contemporary questions. One section of the archive is dedicated to self-publishing initiatives that focus on social, political, economic and environmental issues.

Cantieroteca is hosted by Careof, via Procaccini 4, Milan. It is open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday from 3pm to 7pm.