Designing Economic Cultures is a research project that sets out to investigate the relationship between socio-economic precarity and the production of socially and politically engaged design projects.

The fundamental question the project poses is:
how can designers, who through their work want to question and challenge the prevalent economic system, gain a satisfying degree of social and economic security without having to submit themselves to the commercial pressures of the market?  Read more ›

Construction site for non-affirmative practice

Constructive Dismantling

My Castle Is Your Castle


For an up-to-date list of activities and projects the Construction site organised after the residency in Milan, please visit pratichenonaffermative.net.

Designers’ Inquiry & Cantieroteca

From the 13th to the 22nd April 2012, During the Salone del Mobile in Milan, we gathered again at Careof for 10 days in order to build up the Cantieroteca and to launch Designers’ Inquiry.

Designing and Transforming Capitalism – conference, Aarhus (DK), 9.2.2012

Bianca Elzenbaumer and Caterina Giuliani participated in the two-day conference Designing and Transforming Capitalism in Aarhus (DK). What follows is the abstract of their presentation:

Construction site for non-affirmative practice: building collective support structures for critically-engaged designers

As designers struggle with precarious labour conditions and an uncertain future, they are also re-evaluating their role in society as creative practitioners. Designers are increasingly questioning the ambitions of a commercial design career in the context of the recent economic crisis, while also expressing concerns that social and environmental problems have reached a critical threshold.
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Group micropolitics – workshop with Valeria Graziano, Bolzano (IT), 20.12.2011

As the group of people involved in the Construction site was already in Bolzano for the roundtable discussion Werstattgespräche, we took the opportunity to organise a workshop with Valeria Graziano to reflect on the micropolitics, challenges, opportunities and visions of our forming collective.

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Werkstattgespräche – Faculty of Design and Art, Free University of Bolzano-Bozen, 19.12.2011

Giorgio Camuffo invited the Construction site for non-affirmative practice to host a roundtable discussion at the Faculty of Design and Art of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano as part of the series Werkstattgespräche.

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